Catching up

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, so I’d better catch up.

Our Premier_DSC2912-1Last week we put on a big dinner at work to hear the Premier talk about his latest budget. It was interesting to hear the broad strokes from him.

I was one of the photogs taking pictures that night. Unfortunately I drew the back of the room, while my colleague drew the up-front view. Still, it gave me a chance to test out the D700 in low light with my 70-300 lens. Ever learning.

Still have to process the pics properly, but I’ve posted a quick sample, after two minutes in Lightroom.


Nature Centre_DSC2979-1Last weekend I attended the grand opening of the new Green Timbers Nature Centre in Surrey. It’s part of a huge new park that the City of Surrey is putting together, after purchasing the land from the province. I was lucky enough to work on the site for the province for a few years while much of the land was still a reforestation nursery and extension centre. The site has an interesting historical link to forestry back to the 1930s. My office was smack dab in the middle of the park and my commute to work took about 5 minutes. Nice.

At the grand opening, several local politicians made the required speeches and thanked the local Green Timbers Heritage Society for their hard work to preserve the site. The City has renovated an old 1940s nursery building as a start, and done some upgrades to paths, etc. Should be a great addition to our city and a valuable resource in learning about the coastal forest.

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