Victoria, BC Canada

Bio: A dabbler in photography, writing and science.

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      1. Like in the 60’s. Do you remember me. We went to Hollyburn mountain one Easter and stayed in a cabin. Also had horse meat for dinner.

      2. Ok, did u go to Palmer in 60 ‘s. Live off Garden City and have a sister or 2. If not I probably have the wrong guy

      3. Yes to all three. Lived on Dixon. Damn, your name sounds familiar, but I just can’t attach any memories to it. Sorry.

      4. That’s ok, long time ago. Like I said not sure why I thought of you. I did think of you about 5 years ago but did not follow up. I must not have made a great impression on you. LOL.
        Was at your house many times. What was your sister’s name. I think the youngest one I Remer. She once told me my eyes were going to get me in trouble as they are a bright blue. My email address is bhansen@dccnet.com if you want to keep in contact. I live in Tsawwassen

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