Weather is the pits, but I’m liking my Mac

The weather around here is crazy. Friday I was out taking some pictures at Green Timbers Park. People were fishing in the lake and basking in the sun (with coats on, of course). Saturday was cooler with the wind, but still not bad. Sunday and today were just plain blizzard-like at times, and I heard on the news that Naniamo got a real dump – close to 20cm of snow. It’s supposed to go down to -4 or -5 tonight. Guess that’s spring in BC.

Anyway, I’ve had my MacBook Pro for about a month, and so far I’m liking it. Sure, there are a few gotchas like having to duplicate all the software I use every day, but I’m getting use to it.

For some things I’ve found open source alternatives to serve until I can afford the commercial stuff. I can’t afford another $2K to upgrade my copy of Adobe CS4, so I’m trying Gimp as an alternative for photoshop. It seems powerful enough, but it is confusing to start with.

Some stuff I’ve purchased, like Lightroom and Office for Mac. I also picked up the pared down version of Mindmanager the Mindjet offers for the Mac. Being pared down is not a real issue though. I don’t use that many bells and whistles in the Windows version anyway.

I might experiment with a copy of windows to run on the mac. I’ve heard it’s possible with bootcamp or parallels. We’ll see. It’s another alternative for now.

I love the way the Mac boots up. It is so much faster than my Windows machine. With all the little helper programs and things that start with Windows, it takes about 10 minutes for the machine to settle down for work. On the Mac, I’m ready to go in about a minute. Hope it stays that way as I add software.

For the last month, learning about the mac has taken up a lot of time. That’s something I didn’t count on, but I guess it’s to be expected. Now I’m bouncing back and forth with relative ease, but I still have to think about what I’m doing on the mac. It will come.

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