Out for a “photo drive’ in Delta and Richmond

What a gorgeous day!

Old Baldy 2_DSC2718-6A buddy and I went for a drive, trying to find some eagles today. Boy, did we luck out.

We went over to east Delta, near the Boundary Bay Airport. Everywhere we looked there were bald eagles soaring or resting in trees. Lots were in their full ‘bald-iness’, but there were a few young ones around as well.

Most were in pairs in trees, or soaring around in fours, looking for food or just enjoying the light breeze from the ocean.

After we tired of taking pictures of eagle bums in trees, we headed off to Richmond to see what we could find at YVR. Took a few pics of the planes coming in and of some of the estuary on Iona Island.

Overall it was a great day. I took a ton of equipment in the car with me, but ended up using my Sigma 120-400 lens all day. Oh well. If I didn’t take all the stuff, I’d need it and be kicking myself, I guess.

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