Holland Park bluff walk

Fairly often, I’ll take this walk along the outer edge of Holland Park in Victoria, BC (Wikipedia link). There are a couple of routes, but the best is what I call the lung buster. About half way through, there’s a quick climb up from sea level to the top of the bluff via a mix of stairs and path (about 15-20m elevation). Feels good when you’ve finished and you’ve caught your breath again.

Anyway, the view is always changing. These shots are from the top of the bluff looking south-east on a winter morning.

Bright sky on a cloudy day

And a few minutes later,

Hint of sun above the clouds

Wildlife along the David Foster Walkway in Victoria BC

Several times a week I’ll take a walk around part of the Victoria Harbour. The path I take is called the David Foster Walkway, and it goes from the US ferry terminals downtown, around to Fisherman’s Wharf.

This spring, I started watching a family of otters feed, but one day, I saw these little critters out and about. I guess this racoon family felt rather safe digging for breakfast in the harbour mud. Very cute to see.

Digging for breakfast

Christmas is officially here

Home Lumber
I can’t remember who said it originally, but it resonated with me as well: “It’s not Christmas until I’ve seen ads for Chia pets and the Clapper”. Well, I’ve seen them both now, so 😉

The other side of the coin is the Christmas community celebrations. Last night in Victoria we had the Lighted Truck Parade and the Lighted Ship Parade.

There were a lot more trucks than ships, but with either, it’s impressive how much effort some folks put in to make it a success for the community. Kudos to them!

My ship prize goes to the tropical Santa:
Tropical santa