Green Timbers Heritage in Surrey

I was lucky enough to be invited to the unveiling of a plaque commemorating some of the heritage values at Green Timbers Park in Surrey. Our new Mayor Diane Watts (fourth in from left) was there, as was Councillor Judy Higginbotham (opposite plaque from the Mayor), some of the Surrey Heritage Commission, and a few directors of the Green Timbers Heritage Society.

It was a small event, with cookies, coffee, and a few words about the site. Two of the buildings there were part of the original forest seedling nursery, started back in 1930. One of them is now designated part of Surrey’s hertitage.

Afterwards, we went on a tour of the first plantation in BC. The plantation is located in Green Timbers Park, and part of it was planted by local dignataries. The original seedlings were supplied by a provincial nursery on-site.

The heritage society has put up a map so people can see which trees were planted by who, and where each tree is. Time and storms have taken their toll, but there are quite a few of those original trees left.

In about 1989 or 1990, there was another tree planting and the decendents of those dignitaries came out and put in a small plantation beside the original. The new plantation is in an area that was originally left cleared so they could grow ‘bare root’ seedlings for reforestation. Again, the seedlings were grown at the nursery there. Nice.

You can learn more about Green Timbers Park via this link. It’s getting more and more popular as the area develops.

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  1. Hi Don, Good report on the Sign unveiling!See you tonight at the GTHS Board meeting.Just checking to see if there is anything else new on the Internet about GTHS…Cheers from Ellen

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