Epi Awards – just great

My sister got us tickets to the Epi Awards ceremony, held at the Pacific Cinémathèque in Vancouver today. We went there to celebrate her son and his friend who were selected as finalists. They also got nominated in the Best Message category for their work on the short film, “That night at pizza shaq”.

It was all part of a contest put on by the BC Epilepsy Society for young video makers over the last year or so. The idea was to come up with a short video to capture the spirit of a new look at epilepsy in society. I understand some of the winning videos will be posted on the society’s website soon.

All the entries showed incredible creativity and technical know-how, and, as film maker Velcro Ripper (one of the speakers) said, they’ve become agents of change. Lending their art and craft to making a difference in the world.

Who says that ‘youth’ are a problem. Seems to me that many are more of a solution?

It was a somewhat serious topic, but the emcee, David C. Jones, had everyone in stitches for most of the show. What an excellent job he did. I tried to find a link to him, but both I tried were dead right now. Come back David!

The improve troupe “Improvisors” presented a 3 act improv over the space of the agenda. What a laugh. That was really the first improv I’ve seen. Now I want more.

There was also a short film called ‘The story of a man, a dream, and a whole lotta kites’, by Matthew Nie. Wow, what a film. Hard to put into words, so find it and see it. Really inspiring.

There was also a young lady from waaaay up north, that gave an inspriational talk on living with epilepsy – she still makes films, hikes, camps, paddles rafts, fishes, skidoos, and has a real connection to her community. Wow.

Overall, a great way to fill a Sunday afternoon. Thanks folks.

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