Truncated posts

Not to prolong the discussion about long vs short posts, but I bit the bullet last night and moved any short-post blogs to a separate folder. I may or may not keep up with them.

It won’t make a lot of difference, I guess. It’s just one reader leaving that got tired of having to bounce around to read someone’s thoughts every time the feed came up.

During a speed read through my feeds today, I did notice an interesting technique though, . It might be a compromise of sorts. The author (sorry, I forget who) provided a perspective with a link on something longer that they’d written. Somehow, once I’d read the ‘abstract’ and a sumary of his thoughts about the subject, I didn’t feel too bad about opening up a browser to read more. By that time I knew it could be worth more time and thought on my part.

I must find that blog again…..

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