Limelight for bloggers

Steve Rubel writes about a new service  offered by some daily papers in the US.

“In what could be a landmark moment for citizen journalism, four newspapers plan to syndicate bloggers’ content on their own sites through a new program called Blogburst.”

Very interesting.

From the website at Blogburst, we get the following advantages:

“What do you get out of this?

Visibility and exposure on major news and portal sites

    • Traffic through attribution and links back to your blog
    • Authority and credibility within your topic area
    • New readers who wouldn’t normally find out about your blog
    • The opportunity to take your blog to the next level”

What you don’t get is to add advertising in your feed (yet). That’s kinda one-sided, but I guess if a blogger wants the exposure it’s a good thing. You can always advertise on the blog itself, and given that it’s an opt-in arrangement, you could always opt-out if you felt it wasn’t paying in other ways.

I guess the question remains about who should get paid for content. Too bad they don’t offer some sort of payback through a click through setup from their online editions.


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