And nobody came

I was over at Bear Creek Park the other day and saw a vacant ‘tent city’ all set up. What an erie feeling, with no one around.

The fact is that they had everything set up for the Surrey International Children’s Festival the following week. Still, it felt odd to see it all there, vacant and waiting.

But nobody came


A couple of years ago, I stumbled across a random old log at a local beach. It was on a spit, away from the water, buried in plants and not really obvious at all. I only noticed it because I was poking around taking pictures of, well, old logs.

Someone had taken the time to carve the word “Imagine….”, ellipses and all.

For some reason when I saw it, I took a long deep breath, relaxed and just stared at it. And yes, I did start to imagine… To this day, even looking at the photos has that affect on me. Kind of a dreamer, I guess.

I must get back to see it again.

Beach art at it’s finest.

Inspiration on the beach

Forest delicacy

The salmonberries (Rubus spectabilis) are starting to ripen in the local forests. The berries are often somewhat scarce, so they can be a real treat when you find them.


Also, the cottonwood trees are living up to their name. Their cottony seeds are starting to fall like snow and collect in bunches on the ground. Things could get messy over the next couple of weeks 😉

Cottonwood cotton

A bed of lily of the valley

This is the most common habitat for wild lily of the valley in Green Timbers Park in SurreyBC.The path is just off to the right.

Bed of wild lily of the valley

It’s been my spring project to follow this plant (along with others, of course) from the first signs in spring, through to flowering. I expect we’ll get another few days of these bright white flowers, and that will be it.

I’ll be interested to see what the berries look like.

It’s been fun, and for an added bonus, here’s another shot from today. I’ve cropped heavily to see the pollen, and a pollen drop on the flowers (right side). Seems a spider has also taken up residence there in the crevices. Neat.


They’re finally flowering

Back on May 7, I noted that I’ve been waiting for the wild lily of the valley to bloom. A few had just started, but, for the most part, things had stalled on the stalk (so to speak).

Well finally! We had a really warm day yesterday, and it seems the flowers have decided it’s time. There’s little fields of wild lily of the valley along the path around the lake at Green Timbers Park. Yay!

They are still hard to photograph, due to all the ‘creaminess’, but today there seemed to be a better light, which produced a few more defining shadows. They’re sure delicate little things.

Lily of the valley

Apple flowers

On the north end of Green Timbers Lake, there is what I believe is a crabapple tree. It’s all by itself, almost crowded out by tall mahonia and IIRC a cottonwood tree. I think there’s some Ribes in the little clump of vegetation as well.

It’s kind of an odd, random collection of plants along the lakeshore, most of which is probably the result of  passing birds and time.

Apple blossom