Blooming from the bottom up

I’ve been waiting for about a month for the wild lily of the valley to bloom in the park. It’s finally starting now.

In the photo, if you look closely on the lower right, you can see a small drop coming off one of the anthers. I’ll assume that it’s a pollen drop, and that it has some kind of odour to attract pollenating bugs.

For some reason, I’m finding it hard to get a good, clear, detailed shot. All that busyness and white just kind of blends together.

I’ll keep trying though. There is one little ‘lily grove’ that’s on top of a stump. When that flowers, it will be a eye level and not ankle level like most of the rest, and I should be able to zoom in closer and steadier. Call me lazy, but that’s easier than using a rubber mat to lie down in the mud. But, perhaps if we get a few dry days….;-)

Pollen drop

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