Spring green


Between rain storms, I headed off to a different park yesterday, just a few blocks south of where I usually go at Green Timbers Park.

It’s called Bear Creek Park and it’s much more developed, with a fitness track, playing fields, gardens, sculptures and various other features. It’s also at an ever so  slightly lower elevation, so the buds are just little further along.

One thing I love about the new growth in spring is the colour of the leaves. They’re a vibrant green, and with some trees like cottonwood, you can even smell the newness. As the spring and summer pass, the leaves take on a deeper green and harden up for the heat of late summer and fall.

Everything has a cycle.

I was quite happy with the shot above from Nikon’s 28-300 lens. For a walkabout lens, it’s reasonably sharp and quite versatile. When I was using a DX camera, I loved the 18-200 lens that Nikon offered. The 28-300 offers about the same range on my full frame cameras.

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