Second Growth

In the 1930’s, the area that is now Green Timbers Park in Surrey was clearcut for rail ties and lumber. It was the last untouched stand of trees in the area, and the cut got people so angry at the Province that the Province decided not to develop it further. In the end, they protected a full section (640 acres) of land.

In fact, it became the first reforestation project in the Province of BC. At it’s peak, there was a nursery producing 3-5 million trees a year and a reforestation research station on the site that served the entire province.

It was also a demonstration project. Some of the area was replanted and tended carefully. (Heh, each tree was planted by a local dignitary and most remain today.) Other areas were just replanted and left to grow, or left alone to regenerate naturally. The difference is quite marked as you walk through the park.

These trees are about 85 years old and are in an area that was planted and left on its own. They did pretty well, compared to other areas that grew back naturally. Those areas are still heavy with hardwoods (Alder, Cottonwood) and brush, with fewer conifers.

There were a few historical buildings left from the original nursery, and they’ve become a nature centre. Much of the park remains, although development has eaten bits away here and there.

It’s a beautiful place to wander about, especially on a sunny day.

Looking up

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