Flickr link test

Bear and cub

I’m trying to link a Flickr photo to some text here in SQSP 6 and have it do the wrap thing. So far, I’ve been unsuccessful, but in looking at some of the posts imported from SQSP 5, I see there is come code inserted that brings up the photo just fine. 

I’ve copied that code to try now.

Bear and cub

Well that was difficult, compared to using Mars Edit and SQSP 5. Given that I’m using code, rather than an image link, it doesn’t look like I can wrap the text without putting it in separate text blocks. You’d think there was a better way….

Anyway, here’s another image that’s a bit larger, just to see how they compare.

Bear and cub

And so yet another photo to compare the size.

Well, inserted this way, it seems limited to 320×213. I can get a bit bigger (below) if I keep it out of a column below/between the text boxes.

Bear and cub

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