Milestone for car 1225 in Cloverdale


Back in June, the Fraser Valley Heritage Rail Society launched the Cloverdale Station to Sullivan Station run for the restored BC Electric car 1225. It should be quite a tourist attraction over time.

The car use to run from Vancouver to Chilliwack, through the Fraser Valley. The Society has quite a nice video of some of the old ride.

The community really chipped in for this one. It took thousands of volunteer hours and donations to accomplish the restoration and many more to build the replica station. But they did it for 1225, and they have another car to restore in the future: car 1304.

The opening day was quite an event with lots of pomp and ceremony. All the local politicians were there to congratulate the Society on a job well done. They even got the honorary ‘first ride’ in the car that will travel from Cloverdale to Sullivan Station, over at the corner of 64th Ave and 152 St in Surrey.

The track they use is an active railroad track. While there have been a few bumps in the road working out the track sharing, the Society seems to have done quite well with their tourist attraction over the summer. The latest news is that they are closing in on 4000 passengers so far.

Not bad for the first year in operation. Welcome to Surrey, 1225.

Ready for business

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