A URL shortener from Flickr

These days I’m using an offline blog editor called MarsEdit to compose my posts. It has a nice little Flickr account browser built in that inserts photos into the posts quite nicely.

When I’m not using MarsEdit, I try to use the url the Flickr suggests for the photo, but I keep having trouble with the code not linking back to Flickr properly from my website. Hmmm, what to do.

I was browsing around and found a great little tip on a blog called adidap for grabbing Flickr links. They suggest heading over to the photo on Flickr and selecting it, then right clicking for View Source. In the code for the photo placement there is a flic.kr short link code right there. Neat trick for tweeting, but what about blogging?

Here’s one result from my collection on Flickr: http://flic.kr/p/dpLMY2

The main problem here, I guess, is that just inserting the link in the SquareSpace editor doesn’t result in the photo showing up on this blog. If I use the insert image function, all I get is a question mark in a blue box. I guess it’s not resolving the short url for some reason, even though the short link works fine directly in the browser.

Guess this will take a bit more work to figure that out.

Yay for MarsEdit. It certainly makes life easier.

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