The new ride

In an effort to get some cardio exercise this summer, I picked up a new bike. I suggested to the sales folks that buying a bike would probably be like buying a boat – a deep hole to keep throwing money into, and I was right. The bike, helmet, racks, packs, clothes, etc. starts to add up, and it’s a challenge to say Enough! some times.

By the middle of October, I’d managed to build up to 30 km per week. I know that’s nothing for most riders. I hear numbers out there like 50, 60, or even 100km per day! But for me that 30 km was quite an accomplishment.

However, when the monsoons came soon after, the distance fell to 0 km per week. That lead to another expense – a trainer for the bike, so I can ride a bit inside.

I’m optimistic, we’ll see how it goes.


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