Please Stop

Media sites have really jumped the shark.

This morning, I followed a tweet to an article on Inc. Magazine’s website. What do you think met me when I got there?

1. A popup came up asking me to join/like/subscribe to their FaceBook, Twitter and other pages. I had to figure out how to close that off. Then, below that,

2. an ad sat there that said it would disappear after 4 more seconds.

So, we had a popup invitation appearing over an ad, before I even got to the site.

Despite the recommendation via the tweet, the article turned out to be another generic article about I can’t remember what. So I closed the tab I had open and…

A popup survey questionnaire appeared on my desktop, wondering if I would comment on how much I liked the site.

Really! Do we need all that sh*t?

I have fond memories of Inc magazine from its print version, so I thought I’d click through and see how the web version was. That will be my last visit to Inc, I’m afraid.

What a horrible experience.

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