Boundary Bay Regional Park

Great Blue Heron

After reading on Miss 604’s blog about Snowy Owls being seen around Boundary Bay, I headed out to Boundary Bay Regional Park to see what I could see.

No Snowy Owls for me, but I did spot a Great Blue Heron that seemed somewhat ok with me taking a few shots. I took a couple of photos right away with my D700 and s/he didn’t seem too concerned about me stopping along the trail.

After that, I pulled off my pack and got out the D300 with a Sigma 120-400 lens a knocked off a few more shots. By then, the heron had scrunched it’s neck down and kind of looked like s/he was saying – “what are you going to do next. Should I take off or not”.

As it turned out, I was the one that took off and the heron went back to doing what herons do in the middle of a regional park.

There were a few eagles around the farms near the Delta airport, but they were too far out to catch a good shot. I’ll try another day. I’ve sussed out a few places to get back to now.

On another note, when I was looking up the link for the Snowy Owl post on Miss 604, I ran across a photo I took out at White Rock a while ago. It was in a post about ‘Bite of White Rock’, an annual restaurant event aimed at getting people out to sample the local scene in January and early February. That’s neat to get a photo credit on a popular blog like Miss 604. Thanks Rebecca!

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