A Couple of Links for a Tuesday

Not sure if I’ll make this a regular feature, but for now….

Among the many websites I visit every day or so, there is an ever evolving core that I don’t want to miss. I was reminded about this today when I visited these two links. I hope you find them as useful as I do.


Daily collections of some of the best photos showing up at Google Plus, provided via Jarek Kilmek, Editor of PhotoExtract Magazine. If you don’t have the time to visit and see the photography on G+ directly, this is a great alternative to get a feel for some of the talent there.

It is truly amazing how photography has taken off on Google’s social network. People are posting photos, talking about issues and meeting each other in ‘hangouts’ almost daily.


Create, share, sustain. That’s how he drives his business. Chase Jarvis attracts clients by putting great, edgy, personal stuff out there almost daily. The ‘cjlive‘ portion of his site offers meaty interviews with talented photographers, designers, business folks and more.

Thanks for the inspiration guys.

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