Working River

Working River

The Fraser River is a working river. Tugs, logs, freighters, containers and even fishermen are on the river pretty much all year round. I think I’ve only seen the lower Fraser Valley portion freeze over twice in my lifetime, and even then it didn’t freeze hard enough to stop traffic. It’s pretty much an open port all year.

I tried to catch a bit of that here, with the train going over the bridge and the tug churning along with it’s log boom, just on the other side. It would have been nice to catch some containers on the train, but you deal with what you have, right?

Further west on the river there are container ships and car freighters that dock at Fraser Port and Annasis Island respectively. Pretty much every car that comes to Canada from Asia, comes through the port on Annaisis Island. Fraser Port distributes containers across Canada and into the United States. It’s a busy port on a busy river.

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