Reflecting the (Life) Stream


Today we have another reflection photo, from the same stream as the earlier photo from Green Timbers Park – just a different spot. I include it ’cause it’s kind of a reflective time of year, and because life just seems to be streaming by (groan, weak joke, I know).

Anyway, December and January tend to be when people think about the year past and the year ahead and to make their plans accordingly. There is a short lull in the business world, so it’s a good time to assess your goals and figure out why you accomplished them, or not.

That’s what I’ll be doing for the rest of the month, looking at what went well in 2011 and what didn’t. Then I can make some plans for 2012. This year has been a disrupted one for your’s truly, so a bit of reflection is in order. It’s time to move forward and get a few things done in 2012 that I didn’t get done this year. There are probably also a few new things to add to the ‘do’ list that weren’t there in 2011. Can’t wait to find out what they are 😉

Do you do anything similar over the New Year’s break, or do you do something similar at another time of the year? Do you have a favourite process that take you through it? If so, care to share?

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