Surrey’s New Council Now Sworn In

That was interesting. I watched the inauguration of Surrey’s new council via live stream tonight. Not as intimate as being there, but the view was great. That’s the first live stream event I’ve watched of the city council.

What was really good was that they had a separate feed for mobile devices. I tried it on my iPad and it came up without a hitch. Just had to press the word “Play” and off it went.

If they hadn’t had that working on the iPad, I would never have tried again to get it up on my iMac. Seems there was a strange looking, unnamed button you had to push on a regular browser to get the stream to go active – and no, the button wasn’t all that intuitive like on the iPad.

Still, it was good to see the folks getting started for another term. I wish them the best of luck. It’s a job not many are willing to take on and they deserve as much support as we can give them.

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