Creative Use of Photos for Good



You see graffiti all over, covering mail boxes, building walls, electrical sub-stations, etc. Sometimes it’s art on its own; more often, well, it’s not.

One of the anti-graffiti strategies cities can use is to replace bare painted surfaces with desirable art. It seems that graffiti artists don’t like to deface other art.

The art we’re seeing more and more of around Surrey looks like some kind of wrapped photos.

I found this hydro sub-station in Surrey’s Holland Park. At first glance it really looks like a green house full of tropical plants.  The structure in the background looks much like one of those living walls you see around. That’s common, but I thought this ‘greenhouse’ motif  was quite original.

Not exactly sure how this is done, but I’m going to find out. It seems like there should be more opportunity for doing this sort of thing with photos, i.e. not just to prevent graffiti.

What do you think? Would you like to see your photos use as wraps for structures like these? Any ideas on how it’s done?

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