Workflow Woes


My goodness it’s easy to get behind in processing photos.

I spent the day out shooting in the sun and wind today at Green Timbers Park, Crescent Beach and White Rock. It was a gorgeous fall day.

Despite the wind, many leaves seem to be hanging on in all their colourful glory. We may get a few more lovely fall days yet. As for today, the finished photos will be up on Flickr in a day or so, I hope.

When I got back and started downloading the photos from the camera to my computer, I noticed a backlog of unprocessed photos dating back to the middle of last month. Ack. Being a somewhat linear guy, I expect it could be a day or so before I get to processing todays pics. Guess a workflow only ‘flows’ if you make it happen.

I shoot in the RAW (NEF) setting on my camera, so my photos need to be tweaked in Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture and exported as jpg files before I send them on their way. It’s an extra step, but I like to have some control of the results, rather than just let the camera determine what’s right.

So the next cloudy/rainy day, I’ll focus on cleaning those photos up and posting them to Flickr and/or Google+. In the meantime, here’s a fall shot from Surrey’s City Hall in October. Some early colour.

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