A quick update to start the month

Bet you thought I got lost at the zoo, eh? Well, no such luck, but I have been feeling much like these folks here for the last while 😉


It’s not that I’ve haven’t done anything at all for the last two months. I’ve been out shooting around town occasionally, and I did the photos for the Surrey Board of Trade’s Police Awards last month.

You’ll find some of those award event photos on the SBofT Flickr page here. There was the award ceremony and about an hour of attendee portraits with two of the constables before dinner. A fun time, and a great cause. (If you are looking for other event work I’ve done, look back in that Flickrstream for photos (2010) that start with _DWS. That’s me.)

Anyway, I see that it’s November already, and NaNoWriMo is upon us. A quick Google search shows me that there is also a NaBloWriMo (blog writing) month for wayward bloggers, heh. That seems to happen in October or November, depending on who you read.

I really want to write here more often, and I expect it will take a concerted effort to get back in the habit. Maybe if I declare my own NaBloWriMo for November, I can catch up with this month and make it happen. Care to join me?

I have a mess of photos to process from September and October, so I’m sure there will be a few of those to post and write about. Throw in an upcoming election and some growing a business  stuff, and it should all come together. Guess we’ll see.

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