Return to the zoo


I remember a time, long, long ago, when everyone went to the Stanley Park Zoo. Of course, that zoo fell victim to the anti-zoo crowd many years ago, but in my childhood, I sure learned a lot about animals there.

The Vancouver Zoo out in Aldergrove, is the closest thing we have to a public zoo now. It’s quite commercial, but has a good selection of native and tropical animals on display. I guess I’ve known about it for years, but last week marks my first visit. I think this guy wondered what we was doing there…

It won’t be my last visit. Not only was it fun, it was educational. I’d forgotten how big lions, tigers, baboons and such are. It also offered several photographic challenges in terms of fencing, light, people and such. It offers a chance to practice a number of photo techniques in a somewhat controlled space. If I ever get out in the wild again, the skills will come in handy.

My buddy and I went around noon – not the best light for anything, but we shot a few frames and some came out ok. I haven’t seen his yet, but mine are now in the Flickr stream.

I’ll probably pick up an annual pass and go a few times in different light and at different times of the year.

Fun stuff.

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