Spring, missing in action

Well, it seems that I’ve missed pretty much the entire spring. Sigh…. my favourite photography season, just gone.

The medical issue that I’ve mentioned, blossomed into total downtime from mid-February until now. In fact, I”m just starting to get back on track over the last few days of healing. Needless to say, it’s been quite an interesting, but frustrating few months.

All that said, i wonder if using a camera is anything like knowing how to ride a bike – you know, it just stays with you and you never really forget. I haven’t really used a camera for close to 3 months, so it will probably show until I get things fully back into gear. Heck, just the heft of cameras and lenses is going to take some getting use to, now that I’ve lost all my muscle mass from laying around in bed.

But, get things back into gear I must, so consider this a mark in the sand. We’ll see how I do over the next month or so.

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