Out at Last

Well, for the first time in a month or so, I was able to get out for some photos. Nothing too strenuous, but a trip to the park seemed easy enough.

So it was off to Bear Creek Park in Surrey. With all the kids and parents that are usually there, it’s no often I get a chance to roam through the playground with my camera. But this time I was early enough, so I caught some shots of the area.

I found some appropriate public art in the water park. I liked the fish (salmon) swimming upstream (on the pole) and the bear searching for supper. Both were on separate parts of the water park, and you can see the spray nozzels for the pipes the figures are mounted on.

There were a few signs of spring in the park, but I was surprised at how few. I expected some daffodils and crocuses would be showing definite signs of life by now. Oh well. Soon.




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