More on the Mac migration

I seem to be morphing into a Mac addict. I’ve used Windows forever, and although it has a few irritations, I like it. However my experience with the MacBookPro prompted me to buy a second Mac, an IMac, over the Easter weekend. Boy is it nice for working on photos!

It was just about time to upgrade my old windows desktop anyway. It was slowing to a crawl, and I missed something about a desktop, when using the laptop as my main computer. Ergo, the new purchase. Those Apple folks shouldn’t have to worry about their pensions now 🙂

Needless to say, the IMac is another time sink until everything is set up to my liking. Just yesterday, for example, I found that my LaCie external usb drive wasn’t working well with time machine. After a lot of angst and some research online, I found a solution that required reformatting the drive: 2 partitions, 1 GUID and 1 FAT32. That worked, and it’s backing up like a trooper now.

Supposedly I can go back and reformat to one partition, but sheesh, what a production to get a backup on an external drive. Luckily, formatting with the Mac is quick and easy and everything seems to be working fine.

As it stands, I’ve got the Macs networking and sharing files, mail is working, printing is working, day-to-day software is pretty well set up, and all I need to do is get my phone syncing up my mobile info. I’ll have to make some hard decisions about that, because of the number of windows-only apps on it. Perhaps I’ll just do what I did with the email and leave it all behind to start fresh with the Mac. The info will be on my Windows machine if I need to go back and find something.

As they say… the adventure continues. Trying to keep up with new computers AND photography is a challenge. Fun, but a challenge.

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