Eagles are still around

Old Baldy_DSC6740I pushed myself off the couch on Sunday morning and headed out to the area around the Boundary Bay airport to take some pictures. What luck. An instant lawn company was mixing up some compost that smelled like rotting chicken manure. I guess either that, or the rats and mice they were disturbing in the piles had attracted a bunch of eagles (do eagles flock?).

The eagles would spend a few minutes fighting for territory with the seagulls and crows, and then they’d head off to various trees to rest. Some gathered together with others; some chose to perch on their own.

Anyway, I spent about an hour watching them and taking pictures. I used my Nikon D300 and a Sigma 120-400 lens. When I could, I braced it against the side of the car, but other times that wasn’t possible. This picture of an eagle in a tree was the first I took and it was handheld. The rest varied substantially in sharpness – too much coffee before I left, I guess.

Tracking and panning proved too much. Everything I took was really blurry. I’ll have to experiment some more with that.

Glad to see some sunshine. The day had a cold wind, but at least the morning was bright.

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