They say the hardest part of doing something is getting started.

Well, I’m back. Not sure where this is going, but here’s the first post of the new year. Life does take a few curves, but we’ll see if we can do better than we have the last couple of years, shall we? Heh.

Having a full time job really sucks up the time. That said, I’ve picked up some new skills and gotten back into photography.

Back in another life, I assisted at a studio, while collecting a wage subsidized by our federal (un)employment program. Learned a lot, and that helped me grow and develop some modest skill with a Pentax Spotmatic camera. Loved it.

The Spotmatic ended up in a lake (thanks to my ex ;-), so I moved ahead with a Konica and then an Olympus. They had some electronic bells and whistles, but I never really liked them. For one thing, I could not keep the Olympus running. It ate batteries faster than I could supply them. 

I later found out that the circuit board on the camera was cracked from the start, and that’s what was draining the batteries. But by that time, I’d found other things to occupy my time and the warranty was *very* expired.

Two years ago, I started taking some event pictures at work with an old Fuji S2. What a wave of nostalgia. But the quality of pictures soon wore thin as I watched my colleague shoot with an S3. Jealous me jumped in and bought a Nikon D80.

Things have blossomed since then. More lenses. A D300. More lenses. A D700, and still more lenses and gear. Yikes it’s scary. But it’s also exciting. Some of my skills are coming back and I’m loving it.

So what you’ll get here will probably be a scattering of photo talk, along with some other stuff I find interesting (for some reason). Let’s see where it goes, shall we?

If you want to follow along, I have a Flickr photostream here:

It’s a work in progress. Like this blog, heh.

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