Scribefire not as unruly as it looked

I tried Scribefire with my last post. It seemed to have some difficulty with quoting parts of pages. I guess I need to head back to the manual for that. Still, on seeing the post on my blog, it doesn’t look all that bad.

Anyway, I’ve heard a lot about Livewriter lately, so I thought I’d try posting with it. This is the first attempt.

I’ve used Qumana for a while, and I really like(d) it. Things have been pretty quiet there for some time, so I’m not sure where it’s headed. Better to have an alternative on the back burner, I guess.

Ok, first post with Livewriter…here goes.


  1. Thanks for the info, Jon.I don’t post that often, but I do like using Qumana. It does pretty much everything I need right now. In fact, I doubt I’ve used it to full potential. Still using it, so maybe something will come to mind…

  2. Yes, things have been quiet at Qumana for a while. Your feedbackas to what could be improved would be useful.LiveWriter is good. MS cloned Qumana for LiveWriter, which is one of the reasons things have been quiet here. They have more resources 😉

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