Law of accumulation

I’m taking a workshop these days, based on Brian Tracy’s ideas. I probably wouldn’t have searched it out on my own, but a few friends are sold on the concept, and they’ve asked me to sit in on their intital efforts in presenting the material. So far, so good.
According to Tracy, there is a “Law of Accumulation”. It says that accomplishments are the result of hundreds, if not thousands of efforts – all unnoticed. Everything counts. Nothing is neutral in the process – each effort either helps or hinders.
In other words, when we see an accomplished person, we seldom think about all the previous work that went into getting there. Successful people have all had ups and downs in their careers, but they’ve managed through the process and come out on top. They’ve learned.
That’s hearty food for thought, especially for someone starting a solo business. There’s only so much time to do all the things that need to be done, and a lot of it seems like it’s getting you nowhere. Mistakes get made. Small victories happen. Running solo may take some time, but all the effort counts.
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