Gadgets and glasses for boomers

Picked up an article in FutureWire that comments on a story from USA Today  .  It relates to something I’ve been thinking about over the last while (as I peer at my cell phone and pda through ever-stronger glasses each year). Here’s a clip of a clip that caught my eye:
“Deep social change can happen because cell phones are now in our pockets all the time. “We’re evolving from a world where the PC was the communications device to one where the cell phone or PDA is the center of gravity,” says Kim Polese, CEO of open-source software company SpikeSource. These gadgets will alter habits even more as they become the way people listen to music, get information, blog and pay for purchases at stores”

Yes, bring it on! I’m thirsting for the one device that will give me it all, at a reasonable price.

Still, is there an opportunity for some innovation here.  How about some sort of add-on for us oldsters that would simulate a larger viewing area on some of these gadgets. Perhaps an attachment for eyeglasses that provides a virtual screen?  As people age, their eyes aren’t what they use to be, and those small screens on cell phones and pdas become harder and harder to see. 

Remember, sooner or later all those young folks that are driving these trends will start getting older, and it sounds like the cohort behind them will be much smaller. We boomers are already there, and as much as we might like technology, all this miniaturization is starting to present some challenges.

But, that’s just my 2 cents for now. I may feel differently when I get stronger glasses next year.


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