Arbor Day at Green Timbers

I took a brief trip over to the arbor day event at Green Timbers Park today. There weren’t many people there, but those that attended seemed enthused. Lots of local environmental orgs with displays and, of course, the Lions with hotdogs by donation – Yes!

Arbor_day_at_green_timbers_2_may_2005I took a break to sit by the lake in the middle of the park. Lots of ducks, one goose and an eagle sitting in a tree. I watched the eagle for a while and it finally made it’s move – it swooped down on the surface of the lake a couple of times and scurried away with a fish.

It was interesting to listen to the people beside me: "Oh, look at that duck. It’s fishing".  Hmmm…. guess we’ve got some education that needs doing…Arbor_day_at_green_timbers_may_2005

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