Being Bold Blog: 90-day Planning

This looks like a good idea. How often do you do this? I use to, but haven’t for some time. I think I’d better start again.

Link (is dead): Being Bold Blog: 90-day Planning.

90-day Planning With the start of a new Quarter, I have reviewed my performance for the first quarter and have done planning for the next 90 days. I find that a really useful way of doing this kind of personal planning is to work backwards. Ask yourself this question: At the end of this next quarter, what must have happened personally and professionally for me to feel good about my progress and commitments? If you can identify those key things, then you shape them into SMART goals, and work backwards. Plan out what needs to happen in order to get you to that point. Over the 3 months, but in particular this month, and this week. Often, personal planning takes a back seat to the urgency of today, but I find that planning done well actually reduces the urgency and increases personal effectiveness dramatically.

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