Twins leaving harbour

Twins leaving the harbour
Last month, I saw these two, almost identical boats leaving Victoria for ports unknown.

I wondered what their story was; going home? rentals finished for the year? close friends off to another port? strangers who just happened to cross paths?

Perhaps it’s best left to the imagination, and accept the peaceful feeling it leaves me with when I look at the photo.

Who knew?

Out on the end of the breakwater in Victoria, you never know what you’ll see.

This day, there were 3-4 sets of 2 canoes paddling out, around the Brochie Ledge light and back into the harbour.

Hardy folks, for sure. Must have been some kind of Dragon Boat crews, or something like that, I guess.

Coastal Pilot

Pilot returning to harbour
There are two of these yellow pilot craft that dock beside the Ogden Point breakwater in Victoria. Their job is to ferry coastal pilots out to foreign vessels entering Canadian waters in the Strait of Juan de Fuca. They also pick up the pilots when the boats are ready to leave our waters.

The pilots have local knowledge about the coast. They take charge of vessel navigation, to ensure they stay in safe channels on their way in and out of ports along the inner coast.

Sounds like a great job, meeting new folks, sailing on all kinds of vessels, and spending your day travelling our beautiful coast.

Still, cranky skippers could be a pain in the a**, I guess.


Beach house near Ogden Point

This ‘beach house’ appeared one day, on the beach off Dallas Rd in Victoria. It had a side door, a picture window facing out to the sea, and two rooms. Clearly the labour of love for someone.

Or maybe they were just having fun. It was gone the next day, scattered out along the beach, and there was absolutely no hint of it left after a recent storm.

I hope it served its purpose…