Paddleboarding in Juan de Fuca

Paddle boarder

I saw this person out on a paddleboard a couple of hundred meters off Clover Point in Victoria. He/she seemed to struggle a bit coming out of Ross Bay, but once out into the strait, it looked like the paddling got easier. Could have been the tidal currents around the point, I guess.

The air temperature was in the single digits and I expect the water was too. The paddler was all suited up in a floater suit and tethered to the board. Safe enough, I guess, but it had to be uncomfortable.

Seems like a dangerous, lonely sport at this time of year. But, to each his own, as they say.

Camouflaged doors (or sort of)

A Clover Point phenom

A Clover Point phenom

At Clover Point in Victoria, there’s a pumping station with some doors that appear to match the rock wall that surrounds them – sort of.

The doors are quite a bit darker than the walls, and they are plastered with signs pleading for people not to climb on the walls. Still, it’s a good effort to camouflage the doors and make them fit in with the wall.

Here’s a closer look at the doors. Can you see the hinges, the lock and the handle?

Camouflaged doors 2

There is always a bright spot

Bright spot
No matter how low the clouds get, there’s always a bright spot somewhere.

Juan de Fuca Strait had kind of a dark mood this morning. The cloud deck was low and threatening, but still, there was a bit of light catching the edges here and there.

Calm between the storms. We had a ton of rain yesterday and more is expected tonight and tomorrow.

But, there’s always the bright spot, right?

Mr/Mrs Seagull

Mr Seagull 2
This little gull was so cooperative the other day. It sat on the rail, as I walked by and got my camera out to take a shot of the Olympics across the strait.

When I turned back, it was still there. I said out loud “How about a picture”, and it didn’t move. I swung the camera around zoomed in a bit and snapped a couple of shots. It was good enough to just sit there and put up with the paparazzi.

Now, if I could just remember to focus on the eyes and then reframe….

Twins leaving harbour

Twins leaving the harbour
Last month, I saw these two, almost identical boats leaving Victoria for ports unknown.

I wondered what their story was; going home? rentals finished for the year? close friends off to another port? strangers who just happened to cross paths?

Perhaps it’s best left to the imagination, and accept the peaceful feeling it leaves me with when I look at the photo.

Cat sitting

I took care of sister’s cat for 10 days or so back in July. That was quite a milestone.  I’m mostly a dog guy, after having 2 dogs for over 15 years, but it went well, and the cat seemed a lot friendlier after that.

In fact, I got invited back for a replay. Sister and her hubby had a conference to go to in Vancouver, so they asked if I could drop in for a bit and cat sit. They left Thursday night, I arrived at their place on Friday morning and stayed through Saturday morning. They’re coming back tonight.

How did it go? Well, did the cat ever have a lot to tell me! She mewed and mewed pretty much constantly, from when I got there until I left. In and out, in and out. Mew mew mew mew, in and out. It got so bad that last night I just had to tell her that I was ignoring her, because she wouldn’t shut up and I had no idea what she wanted.

The strange thing was that she shut up and had a nap after that. Weird, eh?

Guess they know more than they let on.

Who knew?

Out on the end of the breakwater in Victoria, you never know what you’ll see.

This day, there were 3-4 sets of 2 canoes paddling out, around the Brochie Ledge light and back into the harbour.

Hardy folks, for sure. Must have been some kind of Dragon Boat crews, or something like that, I guess.