Cat sitting

I took care of sister’s cat for 10 days or so back in July. That was quite a milestone.  I’m mostly a dog guy, after having 2 dogs for over 15 years, but it went well, and the cat seemed a lot friendlier after that.

In fact, I got invited back for a replay. Sister and her hubby had a conference to go to in Vancouver, so they asked if I could drop in for a bit and cat sit. They left Thursday night, I arrived at their place on Friday morning and stayed through Saturday morning. They’re coming back tonight.

How did it go? Well, did the cat ever have a lot to tell me! She mewed and mewed pretty much constantly, from when I got there until I left. In and out, in and out. Mew mew mew mew, in and out. It got so bad that last night I just had to tell her that I was ignoring her, because she wouldn’t shut up and I had no idea what she wanted.

The strange thing was that she shut up and had a nap after that. Weird, eh?

Guess they know more than they let on.

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