You know you’re getting old when

you’ve outlived a bridge ;-(

I just realized that crews have been blasting away the remnants of the old Port Mann Bridge that used to crossed the Fraser River.

The new one, under construction on the left in the photo below, opened in 2012 and is quite a 10 lane marvel. The old one, seen on the right below, opened in 1964.

Guess I’ll have a few years on either side of the old one. Amazing how time flies when you’re having fun.

Just Past Half Way

Frustration strikes

How frustrating. I was out at a local park taking photos for an hour or so. When I got home, in over 30 shots, there were only one or two that weren’t blurry.

I’m use to a few garbage shots when I get back. That’s the nature of the beast, but holy cow, it was like the image stabilization system had turned off.

OK, perhaps it was just too much coffee.

Better luck tomorrow.

(Note to self: cut back on the coffee, my friend)

Cha cha cha changes

A Coastal Experience_DSC6867

After a couple of weeks house/cat sitting over on Vancouver Island, I’m back. My sister, her husband, my nephew and his partner all headed off to Europe for a family holiday together. Nice, and I’m glad I could help out while they were gone.

I also did some house hunting, and found myself an apartment in Victoria’s James Bay neighbourhood. I’ve heard good things about the area, so I’m looking forward to moving there over the next few weeks.

Yes, it’s time for a change. And yes, in the future, I guess I’ll see more ferry stacks, like the one in the photo above of BC Ferries’ vessel, Coastal Experience.

I’m looking forward to some photography around the western most coast of Canada, and to exploring a more mediterranean climate around Victoria. According to Wikipedia, the area gets around 25 in of rain a year, compared to Surrey’s 55 in. Victoria is a little warmer too.

Mind you, just up the west (wet?) coast on Vancouver Island, Henderson Lake (the wettest place in North America) gets 261 in/year. A big difference across a small area.

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, this has been and still is a big project. I’ve actually spent a lot of time over the last few months getting rid of stuff so I wouldn’t have to move it. It’s truly amazing how much you can accumulate over 20 years in the same apartment, so it’s well past time to downsize and become more of a minimalist. Ha, like that’s ever going to happen ;-), but the load is lighter now.

Still lots to do, but the big hurdle of finding a new home is over. Just a few more balls to juggle and we’re done.

And nobody came

I was over at Bear Creek Park the other day and saw a vacant ‘tent city’ all set up. What an erie feeling, with no one around.

The fact is that they had everything set up for the Surrey International Children’s Festival the following week. Still, it felt odd to see it all there, vacant and waiting.

But nobody came


A couple of years ago, I stumbled across a random old log at a local beach. It was on a spit, away from the water, buried in plants and not really obvious at all. I only noticed it because I was poking around taking pictures of, well, old logs.

Someone had taken the time to carve the word “Imagine….”, ellipses and all.

For some reason when I saw it, I took a long deep breath, relaxed and just stared at it. And yes, I did start to imagine… To this day, even looking at the photos has that affect on me. Kind of a dreamer, I guess.

I must get back to see it again.

Beach art at it’s finest.

Inspiration on the beach

First experience with PS4

Infamous_Second_Son(Or perhaps I should retitle that: Confessions of an Xbox guy, heh)

After picking up a PS4 at the end of March, I’ve managed to play a few games.  The verdict is positive so far.

Just finished Infamous Second Son yesterday, and for the most part, I thought it was great. Beautiful, detailed graphics of the City of Seattle, a variety of powers to explore and an evolving story all bring the game to life. It’s fun wandering around the city meeting folks with superpowers just like you, or breaking up drug deals and acting like a rebel, confronting the authorities.

My least loved parts were the ‘boss fights’. That type of fight is supposed to be tough, but it just doesn’t make sense that when a boss finally goes down, he/she returns again more powerful than before. In fact, after the first return, the fun disappears and the irritation sets in really fast. At least for me.

But we endure 😉

Another positive for the game is that you can play it through twice, once as a good guy and again as a bad guy. I haven’t done the bad guy yet, but I’ve heard it’s  different.

After the credits, the game takes you back to the city and offers you the chance to finish collecting things you missed in the first pass. Nice. There is also an add-on after the credits that contributes still more to the game, so overall, it works out to a lot of bang for the buck once you’ve bought it. That’s rare for anything these days.

Other PS4 games I’ve tried include Knack and Killzone. Oddly enough, the game Knack was also quite good. There was a nice little story, great graphics and some imaginative action. The bosses were beatable with the skills you’re given, but I must admit, it got a little repetitious after about half way through. The saving grace from that point was that the story seemed to carry it through. It is a game for a much younger demographic, but I quite enjoyed it.

I tried the game Killzone as well, but it got really boring, really fast. It was just constant, fast action battles, with little story in between. Not great as far as I’m concerned. But that’s just me, it got rave reviews online.

So, I have to give the Playstation high marks so far. It was easy to set up, there is a logical interface and the opening set of games has been pretty good. Hopefully there will be more games for both the PS4 and Xbox One available soon.