Circle of Friends

One of the things I do in my spare time is to act as a ‘roadie’ for a band called Circle of Friends. I help set up and pull down, as well as manage some of the sound mix while they are playing.

One of the recurring gigs is at the Bradner Flower Show in the Fraser Valley. We played there for 3-4 hours yesterday and today, and we had a ball.

Today they put some chairs out, and there was an group of seniors sitting in the front row tapping their feet, waving their arms and swaying to the music while they sang or just mouthed the words to many of the songs the band played.

Just as the band tried to take a break, they requested just a few more songs. Seems their bus was leaving in about 10 min, and they wouldn’t be there when we got back.

Heh, we obliged, and taunted them with some songs they might be familiar with. They loved it, and when we had to break, they ran up to the stage in a line, gave everyone a hug and a kiss and ran off again. Too funny, but really nice.

It’s random moments like that that we’ll remember for a long time…and it’s what makes performing at community events so rewarding.


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