Game console fail

What a strange launch  this fall for the PS4 and Xbox One. Both were released near the end of November, and both have been basically impossible to find since.

The PS4 game console arrived and sold out in a day around here. Since then, they have not been available anywhere nearby, as far as I can tell.

I was so close to getting one the first day. I was in the local Target store and saw that they had 3 stored under a demonstration unit. Silly me decided to try the demo before asking the clerk to wrap one up. A minute later, two construction guys dropped in; one bought one and the other bought two, right from under my nose. I’ve seen no PS4s around here since.

The Xbox One launched a week or so later. I dropped into Best Buy for something else the day after the launch and saw a pile of new Xbox units in the customer service area. I just figured they were all their pre-orders waiting to be picked up, but I asked about them anyway. Well lo and behold, they had one with my name on it 😉 I’ve been playing a couple of games on that, but most are just reworked Xbox 360 games and don’t take advantage of all the new console goodness available.

A friend, who is also considering picking up the Xbox One told me today that they are still hard to find as well. Guess I just got lucky there.

Still, the Sony PS4 looks intriguing too. If they ever show up again, I think I’ll  pick one up and give it a try. They seem to offer a different mix of games, so there should be some value for me there. I’m not an extreme gamer, but I do like poking through the games in ‘easy’ mode.

I just find it hard to believe that these 2 major corporations could launch new consoles well before Christmas, and then, after about one day, go dark until early the next year. Sad and strange for sure.

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