So very frustrating {Update}

{Update: It seems you can still get the old style links from Flickr if you revert back to their old style photo viewing page. At least it works for now. Hopefully they’ll fix that little glitch.}

It turns out that, without a lot of coding each time, you can’t link photos from Flickr in posts any more.

The only link Flickr gives is one with an iFrame, which WP doesn’t permit.

You can copy the individual file link, but that risks violating the Flickr terms of reference.

it seems the embed plugin for Flickr is only available in stand alone WP sites, so that’s out for now.

The only way I seem to be able to do it is using MarsEdit for now. And that may change anytime. So what’s left? Just storing my photos in yet another place here on

What the hell is so great about photos that every site now wants you to store them there?????


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