Out with the band last night

Southridge School had their Xmas party over at Northview Golf and Country Club last night. Circle of Friends helped with the entertainment and dancing after dinner.

We had a great time playing for the guests, and they seemed to enjoy dancing to the music. There were at least a few sad faces visible when we started packing up at the end.

I’m the roadie for the band and handle the sound mix, while the real talent provides the music. These guys continually amaze me with what they can do.

Aside from playing the music, they all have or had other careers. The band is one of the things they do for fun and entertainment.

There is something to be said for that in our busy, busy world. You can’t be ‘on’ all the time and diversions like this can keep you grounded. Hobbies or other pastimes help balance out life and help us bring more creativity to what we do.

Seize the day, as they say.

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