Time to dust off the blog again


Clear out the cobwebs, dust things off. Life is getting back to normal for the fall. With any luck, I can bring this blog back to life this year. Not sure what I’ll have for content, but we’ll see. What was it Richard Branson said? “Screw it, just do it.”

September is always finds me full of energy. I guess all the excitement during years in school with new courses, new classes and new friends in September takes a long time to rub off – if it ever does.

I’m not even sure if I want that to happen. I like the idea of new beginnings, and why not use September for that. The weather has cooled down, and there is still late summer and fall to enjoy the weather. People are getting back to their normal routines, and there is still 4 months left in the year. Why not clean up the current year with enthusiasm and be ready for next year when it comes along?

Aahh, the IS glass half full 😉

Despite a major set back earlier in the year, I did have a reasonably good summer. I got out  with the Circle of Friends band as their roadie and handled their sound at some events from Squamish to Cloverdale. We have more lined up in Ruskin and Delta, so we’re busy.

I’m gradually learning to handle a sound board for that. They picked up an Allan and Heath Mixwizard 16:2 for me to use. For a guy with no background in sound, it’s quite a process to learn just the basics. Thank heaven we have an associate that was able to get me going in relatively short order.

Helping out also lets me do some interesting photography now and again.  We were there when the Fraser Valley Heritage Rail Society opened up the run with car 1225 from Cloverdale to Sullivan in Surrey. A neat event attended by locals and all the politicians, and the car has become quite an attraction in Cloverdale. I’ve got a few shots from that on my Flickr stream.

I’ve also managed to get  back up to around 30 km a week on the bike. Mostly I ride from home, over to Green Timbers Park and back, but my sister Dale came over from Victoria in July, and we explored some of the trails in Steveston. Sounds like she’s coming back next week with hubby so we can do some more of the Richmond bike paths for a change of scenery. We’re talking Steveston to Terra Nova along the west dike trail. Oh, and fish and chips at Garry Point Park, of course.

Great fun, and a good way to spend some September holidays. Here we are at Garry Point Park in July.

Dale and I at Garry Pt in RMD July 22 2013

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