Halo 4: Done

I finished playing Halo 4 today. Overall, it took me about 12-14 hours or so. I’m not a very competitive person, so I played it on the ‘easy’ level. That was hard enough, thanks.

And what did I think of it?


Lots of action

Great art

The mantis robot is fun to drive

Lots of the gameplay is similar to the other Halo’s in the series


Can’t save as you go without quitting too; I find that frustrating in long sequences

Missions were not always clear, which may have been related to the fact that:

Cortina is often hard to hear

Some messages were hard to see on the background because of the colours matching, or close

No introductory manual – I had to go online to find a wiki page to figure some things out, like the controls

Crawlers are the new flood; they don’t add much and they are just plain irritating.


In the end, it was fun, action packed and familiar. Pretty much what you’d want from the next in a series.

Now, back to regular programming.

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