Do you take time for personal stuff?


I’m usually pretty good at taking time for personal projects. I think they are important, and they’ve served me well over the course of my career. But…I guess sometimes things just get too serious to play. Or, perhaps we just forget to play?

For a while, I was pretty good at processing photos and getting what I could posted on Flickr and/or Google+. However, going through the collection on my hard drive today, I noticed that I haven’t really posted anything of mine on Flickr since last March. Sheesh! Last March!. That’s terrible.

I have done a few events since March, and photos I’ve taken at those and for others are all processed and dealt with as they should be. The embarrassing thing is that all the personal stuff is just languishing there in folders.

I need to clear up the backlog and start enjoying my personal stuff again.

Time to play.

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