How did you start the year last year?


One thing that’s fun to do in January is to look back and see how things started off the year before. It seems that on January 2 last year, I was still processing and posting photos taken in 2010.

January 1, 2011 was clear, but very cold (for me). I was quite unprepared out at Crescent Beach in Surrey, and remember scooting back to the warm car after just a couple of shots. Nothing postworthy from that trip.

However, in early December I did catch this cold shot in the Serpentine Fen. Clear, blue sky and cold blue water contrasted nicely with the water fowl resting in the Fen. The photos got processed and uploaded on January 2, so I guess they could be considered last year’s photos 😉

We haven’t had much sunny weather so far this month (year?), but the weather folks are actually predicting some blue sky over the next week. If I can push myself out the door, I might just make it up to the Harrison River or Squamish to catch the eagles as they feast on the last of the salmon.

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