Left Over

Red Berry

I found this little berry in the park at Green Timbers the other day. The red of the berry and the green of the moss really stood out from the dead leaves and logs around it.

I used the on-camera flash to give me just a little catchlight to draw attention to the berry. What do you think? Did it work?

The forest seems pretty dead at this time of year, but if you look, you’ll find patches of fungi coming to life in the rotting logs and leaves, and an occasional berry patch here and there.

I must have seen 5 or 6 different fungi, ranging from the usual conchs to jelly-like species on old logs. Actually, that might make an interesting project in the future – to photograph as many fungi in the park as I can find. But that’s another day.

Most of the berries seemed about done, but this one berry seemed to be in its prime. There’s always one, right 😉

It’s easy to lose track in these fast times, and I find that there is nothing like a slow walk in the woods to help me reconnect with nature and centre myself. It’s a nice start to the new year, and it usually results in at least a few pictures.

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